PyUchim - About

PyUchim (previously WebStudio) was created in 2015 as a tool for teaching Python programming, especially to beginners.

A driving goal is to be very easy to use. Some of its main advantages for teaching are:

  • students do not need to install any software,
  • students will all have the same Python version and the same editor, and
  • students can access the same programming environment and code files from any computer.
  • teachers can easyly access student's homeworks and leave comments, using Mentor options.
  • students and teachers can collaborate by sharing code editor and talking via Skype.

PyUchim is used in teaching "Programming Fundamentals" at Faculty for Management, Economy and Finance, Belgrade.

PyUchim is based on CodeSkulptor3. More information on CodeSkulptor3 capabalities may be found in CodeSculptor3 Documentation.