PyUchim - Instructions for use

Editor - key shortcuts


  • Ctrl‑F Start Searching
  • Ctrl‑G Find Next
  • Shift-Ctrl‑G Find Previous
  • Shift-Ctrl-F Replace Once
  • Shift-Ctrl-R Replace All


  • Tab Indent right. Shifts cursor over to the next tab stop.
  • Shift‑Tab “Smart” indent right. Shifts cursor over to the appropriate indentation given the context of the program.
  • Ctrl‑[ Indent left. Shifts cursor over left to the previous tab stop.
  • Ctrl‑] Indent right. Shifts cursor over right to{'key': the next tab stop.


  • Ctrl-K Comment selection
  • Shift-Ctrl-K Uncomment selection

Font size

  • Ctrl-A Increase font size
  • Shift-Ctrl-A Decrease font size


Standard modules

CodeSkulptor3 implements the following subset of the Python standard library. To use these operations, first import the relevant module with an import statement, such as import math.
  • Math Module
  • Random Module
  • Collections Module — Default Dictionaries
  • Collections Module — Counters
  • Regular Expression Module
  • Time Module
  • Urllib2 Module

Graphics modules

CodeSkulptor3 implements three custom modules for graphics in the browser, each with an easy-to-learn interface. The SimpleGUI module is for building interactive programs and drawing. The SimpleMap module is for drawing features on maps. The SimplePlot module is for plotting numeric data. To use these operations, first import the appropriate module with import simplegui, import simplemap, or import simpleplot.
  • SimpleGUI Module — Frame
  • SimpleGUI Module — Control Objects
  • SimpleGUI Module — Canvas
  • SimpleGUI Module — Timers
  • SimpleGUI Module — Images
  • SimpleGUI Module — Sounds
  • SimpleGUI Module — Constants
  • SimpleMap Module — Maps
  • SimpleMap Module — Markers
  • SimpleMap Module — Lines
  • SimplePlot Module

Other modules

CodeSkulptor3 implements two other custom modules. The Numeric module is for mathematics with two-dimensional matrices. The CodeSkulptor module is a small collection of miscellaneous operations. To use these operations, first import the appropriate module with import numeric or import codeskulptor.
  • Numeric Module — Matrices
  • CodeSkulptor Module

Detailed description of the above modules may be found at CodeSkulptor3 Documentation

Mentor operations

Open mentor's page

When you click on "Open mentor's page" you will get a prompt form asking for mentor password. If you provide the correct password you will be redirected to mentor's page in which a table containing all of PyUchim users is shown. You can, now double click any of the table entries to login to the user PyUchim account.

Sharing editor

If two (or many) users are logged in to the same account (for example student and his mentor), and if all of them open the same python code, thay can simultaneosly edit the code after they activate sharing by clicking on the share checkbox. The best sharing is obtained if only one user edit at the time. If several users edit code at the same time, unpredictable result may occur. Also, it is good practice to have Skype comminication while using this option.

Possible scenario:

  • Student call mentor via Skype
  • Student ask mentor to loging to her/his PyUchim account
  • Student ask mentor to open some specific code file.
  • Both student and mentor activate sharing mode by clicking on the share checkbox.
  • They are now ready to edit the code in a collaborative manner.